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Grape seed extract, The natural cure for erectile dysfunction TRUST ME! :)

Grape Seed Extract Boosts. Nitric Oxide = A HARD D*@K
Vasodilation is one of the most important mechanics in getting and keeping your erections. It means widening (dilation) of your blood vessels, in this case to add mass and rigidity to the tissues in your penis. No vasodilation, no erections. Nitric Oxide (NO) is one of the main chemicals that stimulates vasodilation in your penis and elsewhere, and numerous studies have linked reduced NO production with erectile dysfunction. A 2010 study at the Chinese General Hospital of PLA in Beijing dosed subjects with grape seed extract and examined the production of NO at regular intervals. They found grape seed extract treatment not only increased NO production, but larger doses produced larger increases with no upper limit found within the bounds of the study. The implications are very clear: grape seed extract directly impacts the human body’s production of NO, meaning that any erectile dysfunction caused by an NO deficiency can be helped b…

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