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Boost Your Body and Mind With Magnesium

After oxygen, water, and basic food, magnesium may be the most important element needed byour bodies. It is vital for heart health, bone health, mental function and the overall body - yet 80%or more of us are deficient in this vital mineral.Magnesium is more important than calcium, potassium or sodium and regulates all three of them.It also activates over 300 different biochemical reactions necessary for the body to functionproperly. Contrary to popular misconceptions, it is magnesium that is actually most important inbuilding strong bones and preventing bone loss. Recent research has revealed that this lack ofmagnesium may put your heart and your overall health at significant risk and that magnesiumdeficiency may be linked to cognitive dysfunction and mental decline.Called the "The Forgotten Mineral" and the "5-Cent Miracle Tablet" by medical researchers,magnesium is a muscle relaxant and low magnesium intake is associated with muscle spasm,tremors and convulsio…

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